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Distance e-learning guide to SSMS

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Covid 19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and subsequent restriction on clinical placements and lectures at Swansea University, ENT Ed Swansea has created the following distance e-learning guide. 


During your SSMS placement, you would usually receive weekly Friday tutorials on key topics not covered elsewhere in your studies. 

The ENT team adopts a flipped-classroom approach to these tutorials. We have previously requested that you study the corresponding webpage on the topic of the week and are then quizzed during the session using Kahoot. This provides a chance for a deeper learning and understanding of the topics through discussion and a bit of healthy competition. 

Whilst the social distancing measures are in place, we recommend that this should continue and below we have outlined a list of tutorials that we usually cover. In addition to the tutorials, we have made available a corresponding online Kahoot. To replace the discussion we have inserted some slides after each question explaining the answers. If questions still exist please drop us a message!


Study the leading cause of admission to the ENT ward, which has a 30-day mortality rate of 3.4%. Click the links below to learn about the condition that even brought down the infamous Atilla the Hun.

Facial palsy

Not all facial weakness is due to the innocent Bell's palsy. Can you differentiate a stroke from a pseudomonal base of skull osteitis? From the condition that plagued the mighty mountain from Game of Thrones, to a rising paralysis that brought down an American president. This week covers it all.

Neck lumps

A key skill of any budding doctor; identifying a lump. I have this lump in my neck doctor! What could it be? How do we investigate and manage it? Is it cancer? This week will help cover common cases found in progress and data exams.  Follow the links below.

Rhinosinusitis and facial pain

A runny nose and an inflamed nasal cavity equates to 40% of the population at any one given time. If Shakespeare was a medic he would exclaim facial pain to be "'sinogenic, or non sinogenic, that is the question". Links below.

The sore throat

The sore throat is one of the most common presenting symptoms to primary and secondary care. The underlying pathology varies massively. Everything from simple viral pharyngitis to life-threatening supraglottis. Given the high stakes of mismanaging the latter, it's worth learning the topic well. 

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