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ENT Resources for Students in The Gambia


The following tutorials were used in teaching the Gambia Year 7 ENT course in 2017. The sessions exist in PDF form to aid ease of access in low bandwidth areas. The contents are also specific for pathology seen in The Gambia.





Gambian ENT teaching course 2017

September 2017 Cohort 11 - Edward Francis Small hospital, The Gambia. School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences. 

In September 2017 we delivered the first Swansea University led Gambian ENT course. We delivered the whole course with an examination over an intense eight-day period.

The students were sent materials ahead of the trip and had access to this website content throughout the course  All 22 of the students passed their examination and practical assessments and showed great enthusiasm throughout.

Examination practice

Throughout the week each student had plenty of time to practice the newly learned examination skills under the guidance of the tutors. 

Teaching methods


During the week we used a variety of teaching methods including traditional lecture-based sessions, group work and quizzes, making the most of the teaching environment to deliver an interactive course.

Special thanks to all the staff and students at The University of the Gambia and Swansea University that helped make this course a success. We hope this is the first of many such courses. 

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This site is for educational purposes only and as such does not replace clinical judgement. The site contains high-resolution images, although mobile compatible. For optimum viewing please switch to a HD ready computer.

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