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Other Commonly Used Otological Medications

The other branch of otology related medication to be familiar with is the pharmacological treatment of vertigo.


Briefly, the main pharmacological targeted ENT causes of vertigo are:


Ménière's – intermittent over-accumulation of endolymphatic fluid (possibly)


Vestibular Neuritis – often infection (viral) causing inflammation of vestibular nerve

Labyrinthitis – an inflammation of the membranous labyrinth

For more in-depth information on vertigo, check out our physiology of balance page or alternatively our sections on the ENT conditions causing vertigo.

Antihistamines - symptomatic relief

Anticholinergic - block muscarinic transmission in CNS

Phenothiazines are anticholinergic and have anti-dopaminergic actions

Pregnancy & lactation

Antihistamines: promethazine, prochlorperazine, metoclopramide commonly used for hyperemesis in pregnancy. Antihistamines are vestibular suppressants.


Cyclizine and promethazine extensively used during pregnancy. No problem with prochlorperazine.

Avoid betahistine in pregnancy!

Written in association with Helena Dunne

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