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ENT Outpatients

There are two types of OPD sessions:


      - One when you sit in with clinical teacher

      - The second when you see a patient by yourself and present your findings to the clinician afterwards                  (teaching clinic).


Both are very useful and you should make the most of the opportunities that are provided. For both types of clinic you will be expected to have done some background reading.


The teaching clinic will take place on Friday morning. During this you will be expected to:


1. Take a history

2. Perform a relevant examination

3. Offer a short differential diagnosis and suggest investigations

4. Record your findings in written form

5. Fill in the required investigation forms: MRI, bloods etc

6. Fill in prescription forms (for assessment only and not to be dispensed)

7. Present to a Consultant

8. Write to the G.P


You will then get verbal formative feedback on some or all of these elements of your practice. It would be wise to have got as much practice in these before Friday as possible.



Please note

Your OPD sign off is conducted on the Friday morning clinic and not during the week.

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