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Septoplasty and Submucosal Resection



Septoplasty is a conservative procedure on the septum of the nose that aims to improve airflow. It is done in a different way to a submucous resection. May be combined with rhinoplasty in the procedure called septorhinoplasty.

Submucosal resection of septum (SMR)

SMR removes deviations in the septum and creates a window in the cartilage of septal bone. If too much is taken, the support for the nasal dorsum can be lost and the shape of the nose will change.




Nasal obstruction




Risks of hospital admission, anaesthesia, failure to improve surgery (5-10% request further surgery), worsening of the appearance of the nose, facial swelling and bruising, bleeding, nasal discharge, dryness and crusting.

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