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Otological Instruments

Listed below are commonly used instruments in practicing otology. Each image is accompanied by a brief description of its uses.

Ear speculum

The window to the ear. It is used to stretch the cartilaginous portion of the ear canal and to give a better view of the drum

Crocodile forceps

Micro ear forceps– used to remove aural foreign bodies or insert grommets and dressings.

Wax hook

Used to hook wax/derbis/ FB from the external auditory canal. 


Has a loop at one end for scooping wax and a threaded section at the other end for holding cotton wool

Tuning forks

A key part of an otological examination to test hearing and identify the type of hearing loss. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be distinguished by their frequency. In ear examination the 512Hz fork is preferred

Pope wick

A small absorbable sponge placed into the EAC when infection and oedema narrow its entrance and prevents medication penetrating to where it's needed. The sponge opens the canal and allows the medication to pass.

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