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Nasal Trauma Quiz

1)  MUA nose (manipulation under anaesthetic) should be conducted how many days post injury?


a) Within 4 days

b) Between 4 – 14 days

c) After 14 days

d) After 6 months



2)  MUA treats what type of nasal deformity


a) Deviated nasal bones only

b) Deviated nasal cartilage only

c) Deviated nasal bones and cartilage



3)  A 24-year-old lady is allegedly assaulted, sustaining a single punch to the nose. The initial epistaxis settles with simple first aid, however, 2 days after the injury, the patient notices her nose has deviated to one side and the left nostril feels blocked. She attends A&E and, on examination, you notice a fluctuant unilateral swelling in the right nostril.


 a) Which is the most likely diagnosis?


i)   Deviated nasal cartilage

ii)  Septal haematoma

iii) Fractured displaced nasal turbinate

iv) A bone spur


 b) How would you manage this swelling?


i)   MUA nose

ii)  Septorhinoplasty

iii) Reassurance & discharge

iv) Examination under anaesthesia and drainage


 c) Which three complications are associated with the swelling mentioned above?


i)     Septal perforation

ii)    Saddle nose deformity

iii)   Nasal abscess

iv)   Acute rhinosinusitis

v)    Chronic nasal obstruction

vi)   Granuloma formation

vii)  Base of skull osteitis


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