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Instruments Used in Laryngology

Listed below are commonly used instruments in practising laryngology. Each image is accompanied by a brief description of its uses.

Metal or Lac's tongue depressor

Used to conduct a thorough examination of the oral cavity. 

Magill's forceps

Angled forceps used to place pharyngeal packs or remove foreign bodies. Commonly used by anaesthetic team to guide an ET tube.

Laryngeal mirror

A historic instrument used to visualise the larynx and pharynx, including the vocal folds. Largely replaced by the Fibre optic nasendoscope (FNE).

Fibreoptic or flexible nasendoscope (FNE)

Small flexible scope connected with a light source that is used to visualise the nasal cavity, post nasal space, pharynx & larynx.


For more information on its use and a video, follow this link.

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