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Virtual Patients - Sore throat

A 29-year-old patient presents with a 5-day history of a sore throat, pyrexia and progressive dysphagia. They are currently unable to eat and drink but are able to swallow their own saliva. 


Past medical history includes 6 episodes of tonsillitis in the last calendar year. 2 of which required hospital admission. 


Drug history; Nil  Allergy to Penicillin as a child

Social history; Smokes 12 cigarettes a day since he was young. Drinks 20 units of alcohol per week

On examination; There are bilateral level 2 cervical lymph nodes. The oropharynx shows bilateral erythematous swellings covered in exudate. Heart rate is 115bpm, BP 130/ 85, Sats 100%, RR 20, Temperature is 37.7°C



What is the diagnosis?

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