Medical Licensing Assessment

The GMC is introducing a Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) for all students graduating in the Academic year 2023-24. For Swansea’s course this means students joining us from September 2020. The GMC website has more information on this, here.

The GMC will assess your knowledge via an online system. This will be called the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT). The Medical School will run its Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment (done as an OSCE in Swansea) as usual, alongside this.


Here is a list of the topics required by the GMC as of 2020. All of these topics will be found on the website.

The GMC split the syllabus into two broad categories: presentations and conditions. When reviewing the syllabus, you will see that some topics are written into more than one ‘specialty’ section. For example, the topic ‘Painful ear’ is seen in the ENT, GP, and Child Health sections, because that symptom may present to more than one specialty of medicine.

All topics have been chosen as those that may present to a doctor in their first appointment within the UK Foundation Programme.


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