The Swansea GEM Syllabus 

The short list below shows the ENT learning outcomes for the Graduate Entry Program from September 2017 onwards. You will have exposure to ENT in Years 2, 3 and 4 via a combination of teaching weeks, ICM sessions, anatomy sessions, this website and in the Speciality Attachment blocks.


As you go through your course you will see these signposted and, by the end, you will have covered them all.


The outcomes here are colour coded. This allows you to easily identify the corresponding tutorials on this site that are particularly important and directly feed into that outcome. These are areas you may be assessed on. Some diseases or conditions cross more than one outcome and are represented in a multichromatic fashion. The website also contains pages that are not covered by these outcomes. These pages are for interest and allow you to deepen your knowledge of a topic.


For a full list of all the essential linked tutorials please click the corresponding outcome below. Alternatively, select the tutorials tab above to view all tutorials.

If you are looking for the new Medical Licensing Assessment content click here.

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