Quiz - Anatomical terms

1. In the questions below describe the anatomical relationship between the two structures named. E.g. for Stapes and promontory you could write ‘the stapes is posterior to the promontory’ or ‘the promontory is anterior to the stapes’. Both are correct.


Don’t worry if you need to look at a textbook with anatomical pictures to help you.


1 Stapes and promontory

2 Stapes and Incus

3 Eardrum (tympanic membrane) and cochlea

4 Eustachian orifice and mastoid antrum

5 Superior semicircular canal and utricle

6 The head of malleus and the umbo


2. Answer the following questions.

a. The cone of light (light reflex) is usually found in which quadrant of the eardrum?

b. The round window niche is found medial to which quadrant of the eardrum?

c. The long process of the incus is medial to which quadrant of the eardrum?

d. Which quadrant is lateral to the incudo-stapedial joint?

3. Answer these picture questions.

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